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The Setting Sun

The beauty of a sunset
Tis a splendor to behold
Sometimes the sky's afire
With the tints of red and gold

Then other times it's gentle
Like a lovers soft embrace
Enthralling us in grandeur
To be blessed with such a place

How special are these moments
That nature lets us see
Moments where our spirits
Will struggle to be free

These moments, when they find us
Bring contented inner peace
Moments that we purge ourselves
And give our souls release

We see how small we really are
Next to nature's majestic age
It grants us humbling moments
When pondering this awesome stage

This is a union
As day couples with the night
A dance of perfect harmony
The joining of darkness with the light

When these two forces come together
They are more united then when apart
We stand to learn so much
From this display of divine art

Embrace  the feeling within your heart
When nature opens the door
For if you do you will find
You are granted so much more

As mother earth prepares for slumber
Tis enough to make one pray
For the gift of seeing this miracle
Again another day

Author Unknown

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